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About Us

Vehicolor is an advanced manufacturer of automotive refinishing products from China, specializing in body fillers, automotive paint, clearcoats, primer and paint related products. With the global sales in over 80 countries, Vehicolor is committed to offering the high quality products that professional distributor and car repair shop demand. Our experience in the automotive paint industry, with continued investment in manufacturing facilities and innovation, ensures that your experience of using vehicolor automotive paint is nothing but excellent.

With futuristic automotive refinish coating products for car and commercial vehicle repairs, we are one of the leading suppliers in this field today. We keep having a continuous tradition of pioneering the automotive paint developments of era. From the beginnings to today, customer-driven solutions and cooperative relationship have always been the most important part of our philosophy.

Vehicolor always believe that the environmental sustainability is most important about being a successful business. When producing the automotive paint, we are trying our best to protect the environment, such as: reducing the solvent emissions, using the sustainable materials, reducing the waste and the energy consumption. Although the automotive paint is chemical product, keep looking for ways to improve the production engineering and avoid the environmental pollution is one of the main goal of Vehicolor.

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